Ripples 3/22/17

from Patty Kowalchukripples-3 Values into Action – New Jersey Managing Director

Recently, I had the great fortune of getting away for a few days to attend ski races. Part of that trip enabled me some time to ski, and I had the terrific luck of skiing with parents who I’d known for a long time but never really did anything with – we exchanged smiles and pleasantries in the lodges along the way, but that was it…until this weekend. I skied with a small group of parents who are all much better skiers than I, and skiing with them gave me confidence and brought my game up a notch. Imagine that? Last time we will ever be in that particular grouping (my son graduates this year and will be off to college – with any luck), but it was some sort of synchronicity that made the pieces come together this time. It was great. I hope you find your meaningful connections, which are seemingly inexplicable, this week!

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