Kim Campbell: A Noteworthy New Jerseyan

David Cooper, Heather Cooper, and Patty Kowalchuk of Values Into Action New Jersey would like to acknowledge Kim Campbell as a Noteworthy New Jerseyan!


Kim Campbell started with Values Into Action in New Jersey last May, having never done support coordination before and also, coming from another state and its own service delivery system.  Nonetheless, Kim brought a sense of commitment to our values and a strong sense of social justice to her new role.  Kim has a unique perspective, a willingness to learn, and a tireless effort to provide support for families.  Her passion for the individuals she supports is what drives her to go over and above the call of duty.  Less than a year into the work, she continues to rise to the occasion when challenging circumstances present themselves.  She doesn’t get bogged down by the challenges but instead embraces them as an opportunity to learn more.  Kim remains positive and is a benefit to the families that she supports.   She is also a benefit to the NJ team – while soft spoken and generally reserved, Kim doesn’t hesitate to speak up when she has something to share and is always up for a team building opportunity.
Having Kim on the NJ team has paid off, and we are thankful she is part of it!