Ripples 2/22/17

from Patty Kowalchuk
Values into Action – NJ, Managing Directorripples-3

When I was a kid, I asked a lot of questions. I have a memory of my grandmother asking me why I was asking her so many questions (how’s that for irony?) I also remember my mother demanding to know why I always had to ask so many questions (perhaps even more ironic). Looking back as an adult, it’s likely that at least some of their pushback to my questions must have been because they didn’t have the answers, or perhaps they did and didn’t want to talk about it, or perhaps there was a “need to know” basis where I was on the outside looking in. Whatever the case, I certainly trust that their responses (questions) were coming from a loving place and that they were not trying to be unkind. This week’s ripple talks about the importance of questions and that not all questions have immediate answers. Maybe some questions never get answered. When they get asked, however, they lead to growth. Enjoy!

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