Services & Supports

Transforming Services with YOU

The services and supports we offer are provided according to your preferences.  In many cases, what we provide looks different for each person, according to each person’s wishes and desire for change.

Our charge is to help each person build and/or sustain a system of personal support for:

  • Living where he or she wants live, and with whom
  • Being part of the community at large – working, recreating and contributing
  • Freely choosing stable and loving relationships
  • Finding and maintaining employment and other activities that create and build meaningful relationships and connections in the community

Services Provided

In NJ, we provide Supports Coordination.  This means we offer:

 Assistance to you and your family to create a vision and specific goals for your future in regard to:

  • Community and civic engagement,
  • Employment,
  • Health,
  • Housing, and
  • Personal relationships.

 Development of the Essential Lifestyle Plan (ELP).

 Assistance in planning to direct your funding and services to meet your goals and vision.

 Help in evaluating services to make sure that services are in fact leading to the realization of your vision.

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