Support Coordination

Support Coordinator (SC) Role

The role of Support Coordination is to assist individuals through the process of self-direction and empower them to remain in charge of their plans.

The Support Coordinator (SC) introduces the individuals to the person-centered planning process, assists with accessing services and supports, and is responsible for providing information about the range of services and supports available both in advance of, and during, the planning meeting.


The role of the SC is very broad and the responsibilities of SCs include, but are not limited to:

  • Attending Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) information sessions where families learn about the person-centered planning process;
  • Introducing themselves to the individual and his/her family to outline their role as an SC;
  • Becoming and remaining familiar with all applicable services;
  • Arranging follow up meetings, both group and individual, to facilitate development of the service plan;
  • Assisting individuals and their families in the person-centered planning process;
  • Working with individuals, their families, and mentors to identify outcomes and utilize their budgets to achieve those outcomes;
  • Ensuring that the service plan addresses health and safety issues, including all assurances that are required by Medicaid;
  • Assisting in identifying services and supports that will achieve the individual’s stated outcomes and can be accessed from a provider who is appropriately qualified by DDD to provide those services;
  • Drafting the service plan and making revisions to it, with the appropriate input from all members of the Team, as needed;
  • Assisting individuals and their families in assuring that the services they have identified will meet their desired outcomes;
  • Connecting individuals and families with generic resources and natural supports;
  • Providing additional resources and tools to assist the individual in planning and accessing specific services, such as supported employment, housing, etc.; and
  • Entering all data into the electronic record and sending it to the individual for approval

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