Values Into Action NJ Sponsors Disability Awareness Training

Values Into Action NJ and Niagara University are excited to introduce the First Responders Disability Awareness Training (FR-DAT) program to the state’s first responders.

Niagara Disability Training article

The ability to respond to individuals with disabilities has posed varying challenges to emergency responders across the country. High profile cases have exposed the need for more involved awareness and education regarding the characteristics and challenges some individuals pose. As the population increases and more individuals are active in the community, the need to ensure accurate and appropriate response is critical.

Endorsed by the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and control and NYS DOH EMS, this program provides valuable information and resources while introducing NU’s comprehensive Train-the-Trainer program. Currently being conducted in New York and Arkansas, FRDAT is the only program in the nation that covers ALL disabilities that may challenge emergency responders and allows the department to own the customized curriculum and conduct the program per their training schedule. For more information and to access training evaluation summaries, visit our website at

“All in all, I was very glad that I signed up for this training. I also believe that when I bring this info back to my department, and other local departments, that my EMS peers will also feel the same benefits and growth from this knowledge. I was also appreciative of all the talking points which are included.” - Mary Mott East Hampton Village (NY) Ambulance Certified Instructor Coordinator

“Props to NU for putting together a wonderful and comprehensive course and resource guide for us to use and implement in the field.” – Emanuel Caras Scarsdale (NY) Firefighter/EMS

Dozens of first responders attended the first training held at Middlesex Co. Fire Academy June 9th. The presentation was conducted by NU FRDAT’s Project Director David Whalen. Dave has been training a multitude of service providers and first responders in disability awareness for the past 11 years and has been working in the field of disability service/education since 1986.


Values Into Action looks forward to another “Train the Trainer” session in October.

This project is funded by the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities.