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Dedicated to YOU and Your Ambitions

Values into Action-NJ has had the privilege of working for NJ citizens, providing support coordination services, since 2007.  The service we provide is as unique as each individual with whom we work.

Providing services throughout New Jersey, we have helped children as young as 9 and adults who are of retirement age.  The people we support vary in location, interest, cultural preferences, and in their dreams and designs for the future.  Some individuals are looking to move out of the family home, while others are interested in staying put.  Some individuals require intensive support to manage medical, behavior, or day-to-day issues, while others request less assistance.

The common thread among those we serve is a desire to be supported in identifying and reaching their personal goals.  They are not interested in being ‘fixed’.  That desire is the fuel that energizes our team of support coordinators each and every day.

Here are some snapshots of the amazing people we support:

RAE is a survivor.  Living in an economically struggling area of Atlantic County, she has grown up in ‘the system.’  Now 25, she aged out of children’s services with no real plan for (or interest in) the ‘adult ‘system.’  Two difficult years later, she was fortunate to get connected with state funding and began partnering with Values Into Action to create change in her life.  While her life is not completely figured out, she is working with a direct support professional who is helping her to develop autonomy from paid services, to identify healthy relationships from those which are not healthy, and to set goals for the future.

KEITH knows just about everyone in his small suburban community in Mercer County.  Folks around town joke with him and refer to him as ‘The Mayor.’  Keith lives in the same house he grew up in 30 years ago, and while his parents are no longer alive, he has some family who want to ensure that Keith’s life remains consistent.  Values Into Action works with Keith to help him today as well as to plan for tomorrow – the reality is that Keith probably can’t afford to stay in his childhood home forever.  What will the future look like?  How can Keith be in control of his destiny? Those are questions we continue to explore in our work with Keith.

PHILIPE lived in New Jersey, but due to unfortunate circumstances, he moved to another state for a good part of his adult life.  Now approaching 50, Philipe had the opportunity to move back to NJ and receives supports here.  Values Into Action helped Philipe locate an apartment he could afford, in an area that was safe and geographically desirable to him.  We helped him to interview agencies and ultimately, select an agency to assist him in needed areas.  Today, Philipe is a proud citizen of Essex County, looking for work, and enjoying life in the Garden State.

SARA is a young girl with autism who struggles with some emotional challenges. Being 12, she has really challenged Mom and Dad, both of whom work full-time to support Sara and her two siblings.  Money is tight, but beyond that, Sara’s challenges are taking their toll on everyone in the family.  Working with Values Into Action, Sara’s family was able to secure support from an agency that provides Sara with intensive support in her home.  This support enables Sara’s family to remain not just intact, but hopeful about the future.

Values into Action understands the importance of meeting people where they are, and helping them figure out where they want to be.

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